Promo Archipelago Internasional Group (September)


Daftar Promo Archipelago Internasional Group (Hotels, Resort and Residences) dengan harga hemat spesial untuk Darma People khusus di bulan September, Selengkapnya ...

Rencanakan liburan yang nyaman dengan pilihan kamar promo Archipelago Internasional Group khusus di bulan September. Jadikan perjalanan Anda semakin berkesan!

Daftar promo Archipelago Internasional Group:

Nama Kota Harga
Neo Balikpapan Rp 287.000 (RO)
Favehotel MT Haryono Balikpapan Rp 305.000 (RO)
Quest Hotel Balikpapan Rp 341.000 (RO)
Neo Tendean Jakarta Rp 349.500 (RO)
Neo Plus Kebayoran Jakarta Rp 365.000 (RO)
Favehotel PGC Cililitan Jakarta Rp 383.500 (RO)
Aston Hotel & Residence Batam Rp 525.000 (RO)
Aston Imperium & Convention Purwokerto Rp 575.000 (RO)
Aston Tropicana Bandung Rp 663.200 (RO)
Aston Balikpapan Rp 699.200
Best price guarantee!!

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Archipelago International is Indonesia’s largest operator of hotels, condotels, resorts, serviced suites and branded residences, spanning more than 15,000 rooms and apartments under management for property owners in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Our seven core brands occupy the largest accommodation portfolio in Indonesia, captained by our highly experienced management team and supported by more than 12,000 people who oversee 200 hotels and serve developers on more than 110 ongoing projects.


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